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Publication Preprints and Technical Reports:

  1. R. Ewing, O. Iliev, and R. Lazarov, A Modified Finite Volume Approximation of Second-Order Elliptic Equations with Discontinuous Coefficients
  2. R.D. Lazarov and P.S. Vassilevski, Least-Squares Streamline Diffusion Finite Element Approximations to Singularly Perturbed Convection-Diffusion Problems
  3. R.D. Lazarov, J.E. Pasciak, and P.S. Vassilevski, Iterative Solution of a Combined Mixed and Standard Galerkin Discretization Method for Elliptic Problems
  4. R.D. Lazarov, J.E. Pasciak, and S.Z. Tomov, Error Control, Local Grid Refinement, and Efficient Solution Algorithms for Singularly Perturbed Problems
  5. J.H. Bramble, R.D. Lazarov, and J.E. Pasciak, Least-Squares Methods for Linear Elasticity Based on a Discrete Minus One Inner Product
  6. H. Lu, Stair Matrices and Their Generalizations with Applications to Iterative Methods II: Iteration Arithmetic and Preconditionings
  7. R.D. Lazarov, J.E. Pasciak, and P.S. Vassilevski, Coupling Mixed and Finite Volume Discretizations of Convection-Diffusion-Reaction Equations on Non-Matching Grids
  8. R. Ewing, R. Lazarov, T. Lin, and Y. Lin, Mortar Finite Volume Element Approximations of Second Order Elliptic Problems
  9. R. Ewing, H. Djidjev, R. Lazarov, and M. Vardi, Partitioning Algorithms and Their Application to Massively Parallel Computations of Multi-Phase Fluid Flows in Porous Media

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