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Publication Preprints and Technical Reports:

  1. H. Chen, R.E. Ewing, and R. Lazarov, Asymptotic Error Expansion for the Lowest Order Raviart-Thomas Rectangular Mixed Finite Elements
  2. J. Gopalakrishnan, R. Lazarov, and J. Pasciak, Object-Oriented Structures for Domain Decomposition Methods
  3. R.E. Ewing, R.D. Lazarov, and J. Pasciak, Numerical Well Model for Non-Darcy Flow
  4. B. Jovanović, R.D. Lazarov, and I. Šestak, A Note on the Least-Squares Finite Elements for Mixed Elliptic Problems
  5. J.H. Bramble, R.D. Lazarov, and J.E. Pasciak, Least-Squares for Second Order Elliptic Problems
  6. J.H. Bramble, J.E. Pasciak, and A.T. Vassilev, Inexact Uzawa Algorithms for Nonsymmetric Saddle Point Problems
  7. I.D. Mishev, Finite Volume Element Methods for Non-Definite Problems

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