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Publication Preprints and Technical Reports:

  1. C. Bacuta, Interpolation Between Subspaces of Hilbert Spaces and Applications to Shift Theorems for Elliptic Boundary Value Problems and Finite Element Methods
  2. T. Kostova, An Explicit Third-Order Numerical Method for Size-Structured Population Equations
  3. C. Kim, On Iteration and Approximation Methods for Anisotropic Problems
  4. A. Kunoth, Wavelet Techniques for Saddle Point Problems in Optimal Control
  5. R.D. Lazarov, J.E. Pasciak, J. Schöberl, and P.S. Vassilevski, Almost Optimal Interior Penalty Discontinuous Approximations of Symmetric Elliptic Problems on Non-Matching Grids
  6. R. Ewing, A. Ibragimov, R. Lazarov, and A. Necrasov, Domain Decomposition Algorithm and Analytical Simulation of Coupled Flow in Reservoir/Well System
  7. R.D. Lazarov and S.Z. Tomov, A Posteriori Error Estimates for Finite Volume Element Approximations of Convection-Diffusion-Reaction Equations
  8. J.H. Bramble, J.E. Pasciak, and C. Bacuta, Using Finite Element Tools in Proving Shift Theorems for Elliptic Boundary Value Problems
  9. C. Bacuta, J.H. Bramble, and J.E. Pasciak, New Interpolation Results and Applications to Finite Element Methods for Elliptic Boundary Value Problems
  10. J. Schöberl, Commuting Quasi-Interpolation Operators for Mixed Finite Elements
  11. R.E. Ewing, Y. Lin, P. Luo, J. Wang, and S. Zhang, L-Error Estimates and Superconvergence in Maximum Norm of Mixed Finite Element Methods for Nonfickian Flows in Porous Media

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