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Data-Driven Model Reduction, Scientific Frontiers, and Applications ()

Mike King, Harold Vance Department of Petroleum Engineering
Optimizing Gas Injection EOR in Unconventional Reservoirs Using the Fast Marching Method


  • Tsubasa Onishi
  • Atsushi Iino
  • Michael J. King


The high frequency limit of the Diffusivity Equation leads to an Eikonal equation that describes the spatial characteristics of the pressure response within a reservoir in terms of the Diffusive Time of Flight (DTOF). The DTOF may be used to reduce the dimensionality of the flow solution from three dimensions to one, while honoring the spatial heterogeneity within the reservoir. The resulting 1D (reduced dimensionality) flow simulation models provide extremely rapid assessments of reservoir performance, which is applied to the optimization of gas injection EOR in an unconventional reservoir.