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Advanced Numerical Methods in the Mathematical Sciences

Pu Song, University of Pittsburgh
Coupling Surface and Subsurface Flows with Curved Interfaces


A non-overlapping domain decomposition method is developed for coupled Stokes-Darcy flows in irregular domains. The Stokes region is discretized by standard Stokes finite elements while the Darcy region is discretized by the multipoint flux mixed finite element method. The subdomain grids may not match on the interfaces and mortar finite elements are employed to impose weakly interface continuity conditions. The interfaces can be curved and matching conditions are imposed via appropriate mappings from physical grids to reference grids with flat interfaces. The global problem is reduced to a mortar interface problem, which is solved by the conjugate gradient method. Each iteration involves solving subdomain problems of either Stokes or Darcy type, which is done in parallel. Computational experiments are presented to illustrate the convergence of the discretization and the condition number of the interface operator.