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KAUST-IAMCS Workshop on Modeling and Simulation of Wave Propagation and Applications

Kenneth Duru, Uppsala University (Sweden)
Perfectly Matched Layers for the Wave Equation in Discontinuous Media


  • Kenneth Duru, Uppsala University (Sweden)
  • Ali Dorotskar, Uppsala University (Sweden)


Many wave propagation problems are often formulated on unbounded spatial domains. In numerical simulations, unbounded domains must be replaced by smaller computational domains by introducing artificial boundaries. Efficient and reliable domain truncation becomes essential, since it enables more accurate numerical simulations. The perfectly matched layer (PML) and other artificial boundary conditions are often derived by assuming a homogeneous and infinite media. However, real media are heterogeneous or discontinuous. For example, in underwater acoustics it is relevant to consider waveguides consisting of several layers such as air, water, soft and hard sediment, and bedrock layers. Applications arising in geophysics and electromagnetic problems can be composed of layers of rock, water, and possibly oil.

The ultimate goal of this (ongoing) project is to investigate the efficiency of the PML in a layered media. We are particularly interested in computational set-ups comprising of multi-block domains. The set-up consists of smaller structured domains that are patched together to a global domain using the summation-by-parts simultaneous approximation term (SBP-SAT) methodology.

We will present the PML together with new interface (jump) conditions. We will demonstrate that the new interface conditions ensure accuracy and stability. We will present numerical simulations in three space dimensions.