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KAUST-IAMCS Workshop on Modeling and Simulation of Wave Propagation and Applications

Alexander Breuer, Technical University of Munich (Germany)
Dynamically Adaptive Simulation of Tsunamis


In this talk/poster, we present our framework for the simulation of tsunamis. The associated shallow water equations, a nonlinear hyperbolic system of conservation laws with an optional source term, i.e. including bathymetry or friction laws, are solved using state-of-the-art Riemann solvers. The integration of high-order discontinuous Galerkin schemes is work in progress.

The talk/poster focuses especially on the viewpoint of computational science and highlights innovative concepts including dynamically adaptive triangular grid management and corresponding iterations using the space filling Sierpinski curve. In this context, our parallelization strategy based on the Sierpinski curve is introduced as well.

The handling of large-scale block-adaptive geo information and an outlook to the coupling with dynamic rupture simulations of the Tohoku earthquake finalize the presentation.