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I work as a graphics programmer and an assistant system administrator here at ISC.

I recently drew up some Penguins for a Linux logo. They have now become the Unofficial logo for Linux 2.0

I spent most of last summer (95) working on a PICS project to create an interactive tool called G3d. Its goal is to provide a graphical method for researchers to create complex 3d data sets. Provide interactive steering of a simulation run on an Intel Paragon. And allow full 3d visualization of the results of the simulation. A large amount of work was completed, but the Project has now been handed off to our PICS partners at the University of South Carolina (USC). I will continue to improve the code for some parts of G3d and hopefully I will have some nice things to show you in the future.

Much of the push behind G3d came from a previous ISC project v3d. Although G3d has no common code base with ISC's v3d it was developed in part because of many perceived flaws in the original v3d. USC and ISC have also put considerable resources into a new version of v3d which is nearly complete and shares a large code base with G3d.


Blue Ribbon It seems that my (and possibly your) government has recently decided that it can best decide what information we can have access to though the Internet. This decision marks the beginning of troubled times.

As an example of something I really wish more professors here at Texas A&M University would do, have a look at the Phys208 page made by Prof. George R. Welch (thank you).

You might also want to check out the Linux Documentation Project since it contains some interesting information about Linux.

Since people have been asking I've set up some pages that contain many ISC logos they are filled with lots of images and therefore be prepared to wait.

And if you want some pointers to development resources that I find helpful, be my guest.

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I have set up a test web server on my Linux box at home otherwise known as Discord. It really doesn't get much of my time, but every once in a while something interesting shows up there
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