Well it seems life has a way of never pushing you into prioritizing your goals, and although this seems entirely unnatural to me I am slowly realizing that I have little choice in the matter. There are many things I would like to do, but it seems I spend most of my time doing school work or to be possibly more accurate doing school work and complaining and worrying about doing school work.

If you came here looking for some praise of Eris I am sorry to displease both you and the goddess, but all is not as it seems fnord. Next time you throw that stone realize that it was I not you that sunk College Station.

a Picture of Me

This picture was taken using a Connectix QuickCam for more information see the linux-connectix mailing list and others at LinuxNET Mailing list archives.

For a view of some of the things I have been working in my free time look at my personal web server at discord.isc.tamu.edu from time to time interesting things show up there.