Wilber Works is dead

Wilber Works the company ceased to exist shortly after it started. GIMP development continues and the formation and subsequent death of Wilber Works only warrant a small footnote in free software history. The Wilber Works web-site remained up for quite some time after the company was gone and this link continued to point at an old but relevant page.

At some point in the recent past the domain was resold and www.wilberworks.com was made to point at a page that led to advertisements for adult web sites. This change caused several helpful people to send me polite e-mail pointing out the new nature of the link. In response I've made the link on the original page point to this explanation. I made this change despite the fact that I had not changed the referring page in several years, and had no intention of ever changing it.

In contrast to the majority, a few people sent e-mail that implied I had some control over the content of the adult site. And due to that control that I must be some combination of offensive, sick, and perverted. To those obviously concerned people, I can assure you I have no control over anything related to the wilberworks.com domain or where it points. It was a simple case of an out of date link on a page that had not been modified in years. I do however hope you find more important things to get upset about in the future. I'd be happy to suggest some if you have trouble.


August 15, 2001